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Discover the Premium Collection of Adorable, Child-friendly Cabinet Handles & Furniture Knobs.

Do you wish to create a fairy-tale dream bedroom for your kids but facing the following challenges

  • You can’t find kid-friendly furniture handles that are safe to use?
  • Local markets offer the same predictable handle designs.
  • You are not sure which handles match your quality standards?
  • You don’t know which kids handles are trending?
  • Most door and furniture handles for kids clash with your preferences.

~ Get The World’s Best Kids Handles & Knobs ~

Favourite Themes include Flowers, Cartoon Characters, Animals, Cars & Wheels, Spinning Tops, and more.

Benzoville Kids Handles & Knobs Catalogue for Parents Who Want NOTHING but the best for their children

The joy and happiness of welcoming your first child into the world are incomparable. So it’s only fitting to create a beautiful bedroom space that fulfils your emotional attaachment and gives your child the best childhood.

Unfortunately, finding good kids furniture handles isn’t easy. What’s worse is that the wrong handles can clash with your child’s bedroom interiors and create a serious disconnect with the overall theme.

It’s why you need high-quality long-lasting and kids-friendly furniture handles that enhance the look and feel of your child’s bedroom.

Our specially curated Kids Handles and Knobs Catalog features the latest trending handles to transform your kids' bedroom .

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Dog Design Cabinet Handle

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Cabinet Handle - Pink/White

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Baby Elephant Design Cabinet Knob

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Puzzle Kids Knob In Red Colour

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ABCD Design Kids Handle

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Dora the Explorer Handle

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Red Zepelin Design Blue Cabinet Knob

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Kids Blue Colour Rubber Cabinet Knob

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